The importance of taking care of yourself…

So yesterday I had a bit of a scare, and got a bit of a reality check for sure! I’ve been Jazzercising for about the last 10 months, so when this baby came along I figured I’d be ok to continue working out. Honestly, accept for the routine nausea I’ve been feeling pretty normal…so I spoke to my instructor and we decided that I’d be ok to keep going as normal…(while listening in to my body of course!). Normally this would be a conversation to have with my Dr., but I’m not due to see him until next month and I’ve had NO reason at all to be concerned about this pregnancy.

I’m not a big breakfast person…but knowing that I’m pregnant and that I need to eat I’ve been forcing myself to eat SOMETHING in the morning. So before my workout yesterday I grabbed a yogurt and some grapes, had a glass of juice and went on my way to class. Jazzercise is an hour long class, and as you work out they take you along a “curve” of work out intensity to take you from low activity to high, back down to low. I had lasted through the entire class feeling really great, and really energized. I did feel a little more winded then before I was pregnant, but I felt I was doing a good job of taking breaks when needed and drinking plenty of water. By the time we got to the last 2 songs (when our heart rate should be dropping again) my heart rate began climbing, uncontrollably! I couldn’t get it to calm, and it just continued to rise. I became dizzy, my vision blurred, and I came (for the first time EVER in my life) very close to fainting. It scared the begeezus out of me! After another instructor made me drink lots of water, and sit down my heart rate finally started to slow and I started feeling better. All together my little “episode” lasted 10 minutes, but I swear it was the longest 10 minutes of my life! Again, I’m relatively active, I have worked out on an empty stomach many a times (before being pregnant of course…) and nothing like this has EVER happened. It knocked some sense into me though, realizing just how hard my body is working to make this little baby and just how much this baby is taking from me!

pregsI will continue to exercise, however I am really REALLY going to take it easy. Many things I’ve read says I should really be able to handle everything I could pre-preggo for the first trimester…and maybe it’s cuz this is my third…but I’m finding that to definitely NOT be true. It’s ok to take care of yourself, and it’s a MUST when you’re responsible for birthing a happy and healthy baby. I think my fatal mistake was not eating enough before class, and not staying continually hydrated (with water) even on days that I’m not working out. So from here on out, LOTS of water…and plenty of nutrients!

Here’s some extra info on working out while pregnant. (The smart way!) CLICK ME!

PS. (Photo is actually from the end of my LAST pregnancy…but I thought it was fitting for today. A little “NOTE TO SELF”)


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