Christmas Pictures : How to Bokeh

So I’ve been way out of the loop this week. Busy with Christmas as I’m sure we all have! I’ve been wrapping, stuffing, baking, cooking, cleaning, sorting presents, and the list continues! So today, I thought I would share with … Continue reading

Guest Bloggin!

This week I got the privilege of guest blogging on a very special lady’s blog. Her name is Amanda, and she is the mother of two gorgeous girls, and the wife of a dedicated Coastie! I actually know them from my younger funner (I know that’s not a word!) days and it’s been a gift to watch their family grow and blossom! Here’s a link to the blog I wrote, check it out and give Amanda a shout too! She always takes the most beautiful pictures of her kiddos, and I enjoy reading about their adventures in the Military life. Thanks Amanda for featuring me on your blog! And good luck on YOUR BIG MOVE to California! ❤

15 weeks!

Well…it’s finally week number 15 of baby number 3 and it’s just starting to really hit me that we’re having this kid! I’m getting super excited though, and can’t wait to drag my family out for a 3D ultrasound next … Continue reading