Mommy’s not home right now!

So, a whole other side of my life is my student side. Currently I am enrolled full time at Arizona State University as part of their online degree program. I am working towards my degree in Communications and I am half way through my Junior year. Let me just tell you, it’s been tough. It demands 40 hours a week, and to be honest some weeks I just don’t have that to give.

This week, has been finals week and I have been freaking OUT! ¬†Between taking care of the two little boogers, studying, getting ready for Christmas, and getting the house ready for baby I haven’t even had two seconds to breathe! My last final is due today, so my butt will probably be fused to my desk chair my the end of the night. (I hope the family wasn’t counting on dinner!)

Photo (1)

Thankfully, we get to celebrate (or that’s what I’m calling it anyway…) by taking a train ride with Santa tomorrow. The Austin Steam Train Association puts it on every year, and we made sure to buy our tickets SUPER early because by summer they are sold out! I’m planning a special little appearance in the AM from our Elf Twinkle, who will (hopefully) make breakfast for us! Can’t wait to share with you some AWESOME Santa photos! Here are last year’s Santa pictures, because I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!

Santa1 2

Santa2 2

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