North Pole Flyer

So I told you all a few days ago that we got to go on a train ride with Santa! Well, we did and it was really a ton of fun! It wasn’t a short trip for us, an hour drive both ways…and the train ride was 2 hours long…but in the end the kids had a blast and it really got us into the Christmas spirit! They served us hot cocoa, Santa came to visit with the kids, and so did Mrs. Claus and they read an interactive Christmas story over the loud speaker. We got to go with friends (which always helps) and Jocelyn and her little girlfriend Charlie really kept themselves busy. They colored, they’d chat, and they completely ignored their parents! My cynical adult self does wish they had recruited a bit of a jollier santa, and maybe found a more believable costume (he was wearing knee pads for goodness sakes!) but the kids got to sit on his lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas, so I guess that’s all that really matters. Here are a few photos from the day! Jocelyn is usually a stinker in front of the camera…but for Charlie she’ll do ANYTHING!







4 thoughts on “North Pole Flyer

    • Hi Jenny!
      Yes, it was pajama themed. I thought maybe he’d be kneeling down to visit with kids, but he sat in a chair and had them come to him. He could have at least put them underneath his pants! lol

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