52 Photos for 52 Weeks 1/52

One thing I want to do more of this year is to take more pictures…so as many are I’ve decided to try the 52 week photo project that so many of you are so amazing at doing! Today is a boring day at home, temperatures dropped below 20 last night (which is warm compared to many areas of the nation!!) and Jocelyn’s teacher cancelled class today due to frozen pipes. Unfortunately, there won’t be much playing outside this week. Both kids have had runny noses, and little man has been complaining off an on of an ear ache. I’m going a little stir crazy, and can’t wait for warmer temps next week! Anway, here’s a rare moment of quiet in our house…getting our daily dose of Bubble Guppies!


On another note, I’ve got some fun posts picked out for the next couple of weeks! With Baby #3 coming and the need to save some money, I’ll be attempting some DIY projects and will share all of my faux pas with you! We’ve also got some yummy recipes to share, and the hubby and I plan to try our best at recreating one of our favorite Starbucks menu items. (And it’s not coffee!) So make sure to follow along! You can follow us through any one of your favorite Social Media outlets listed in the buttons below! (Shameless plug!)

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