Well hello world!

Well hello there world! I feel like I’m surfacing from a dark black cave for the first time in years! I didn’t get blogging much this week, because I went into a hibernation of sorts. Monday was the first day of the Spring Semester for me, and I ended up spending most of this week studying and doing homework. I’m attending ASU through an online program to finish up my Communications Degree and I CAN’T WAIT till I’m done! It’s a LOT of work. Specially with two little ones running around asking you for juice or a snack every five minutes. This quarter I limited myself to one class, Finite Mathematics. Right now we’re studying Finances…so maybe I’ll learn a thing or two that will actually be useful!

photo (6)

Anywho, the week wasn’t a total bore…I did work on a few fun projects so that I could give myself a break from all the Interest Rates and Annuities that we’re studying. I made a cute little ruffle butt onesie for Baby J. The hubby and I gave making bagels a smack, they turned out pretty good! We ordered pizza for the first time in over a year, Mommy had a slight burn out by Wednesday and just couldn’t handle making dinner. The kids were ECSTATIC! And, I’m practicing crochet by making a cute little coffee mug cozy! Next week I’ll share our bagel recipe and show you how I’m trying to save money for Baby J. I’ve hit week 21 in my pregnancy, which means I’ve only got 18 weeks left till Baby J gets here! I feel like this pregnancy is on fast forward, and I’d better start getting ready!!

All in all it was great week, but I missed my blogging world and I’m so happy to have awaken from my school made stuper! Now here’s a few photos from our week…

photo (7) photo (10) photo (8) photo (9)

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