It’s the weekend!

So, the kids and life kept me pretty busy this week. STILL working on my math class so there was lots of studying (UGH!), there was also lots of kids! Our weather has been a bit crazy lately, so I feel like I never know what to expect! Been keeping us on our toes with snow days, and frozen days, then days like today where its like 80! Weather gods, kindly make up your minds! You are destroying our schedule! Luckily, Ms. J had school yesterday and it gave me some time to really focus on homework, cuz I’ve got another test on Monday and I’m praying to GOD that I do well. As you now know I JAZZERCISE, (yes, that’s right JAZZERCISE) and I’m starting the process to TRY and become an instructor TOMORROW! (Tomorrow people, I’m a BIT nervous!) I have to go to a class about an hour away to have a “movement screening”. They’re going to make sure I’ve got what it takes! ;)) I hope that doesn’t mean I’m gonna fall on my face! I left the kiddos with Mimzy to sleep over tonight, (cuz I have to get up kinda early tomorrow for the Jazzercise thing) and Ms. J cried her little eyeballs out! We’ve been two little peas in a pod lately, so she didn’t want me to leave. BROKE MY HEART!! Seriously guys, it was gut wrenching…but hubby and I might get a little date out of it so I’m thrilled about that! On another note, I do a little bit of photography every now and then and next week I get to do a newborn session for a Mom that I did Maternity photos for last month. I’m excited to meet this little guy, and his Mom was so cute preggo! (SEE??)



So, as you can see this week will keep me pretty busy too! Love it though, I thought not having a normal (9-5) job would get boring…but I’m enjoying the time to do what I WANT to do with my life. It feels good! Oh! And here are my photo project week 4 photos! I haven’t forgotten…I can’t wait to look at these NEXT year and see how much my kidlets have grown! (And yes, I have a filtering addiction…WHAT?!?!)



Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope to have a few creative things to share with you next week (recipes and such) so come back by! Have the best weekend ever, and don’t forget to follow me! (Wink, wink!)


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