Cabin Fever.

So, I’ve neglected you all a bit this last week. It’s just turning out to be a CRAZY month! I wanted to share with you though, last week’s project 52 photos! We got a bit more snow, and this time it was soft enough for snow angels! Jocelyn was so stinkin’ excited, it was just too cute! Jeffrey (my 2 yr old) has been sick…he’s been battling a cold, off and on, for a few weeks so he didn’t get to enjoy much snow. We snuggled and drank hot cocoa instead.


Snow Angels on a school day!


Why’s all the rum gone?

In other news, I got to travel into Manor this last weekend to do a newborn photo shoot. This little bug was so cute! He stayed awake the whole time, and I swear to you did not make one peep! Such a well mannered little guy and I was able to get some ADORABLE shots of him! I LOVE doing newborn photos, ’cause I just LOVE babies! Makes me so eager to welcome our little Lady J into the world this May!

As some of you know, I decided a couple of weeks ago to go out for becoming a Jazzercise instructor. I had my “Movement Screening” last week, and I’m happy to announce that I passed! Woohoo! This means that I can go forward in training. I’m a little nervous about it, and questioning my sanity a little bit! The “workshop”, (a weekend you spend training and then trying out), is July 25th. That’s just 10 weeks after little Lady J gets here, which means I have to start training NOW! Like yesterday actually! I really want to make sure I know all of the routines I need to learn BEFORE I go into labor…that way all I have to worry about is practicing and healing once the little one is here. Wish me luck…my instructor seems to think I’ll be fine so for now I’m gonna go with that! Luckily if I’m not ready I can postpone it…but the next one isn’t until NOVEMBER and quite frankly I don’t want to wait that long!

I feel like my creative bug is sleeping lately, still looking for some fun crafts that I can do to pass the time. Thing is, I like to make things that will actually be useful…and finding the time to do that between studying for school, raising two kids, being a homemaker, working on Jazzercise…and everything else it’s really hard to finish something that I’ve started! If you have any ideas or have seen any cool projects that your a little scared to try…send them my way! I’ll test them out for you!

Well…that’s pretty much it in our world this Monday, ‘cept that I’m OVER this cold weather and so are the kids! I hope dearly we’ll get to enjoy some spring time sun in the next couple of weeks!


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