Vday Cuties!

So, Valentine’s Day is on Friday and I’m getting pretty pepped up about it! Now that Jocelyn is a bit older, I can partake in some fun festive ideas that she will actually appreciate! This year, she’ll be participating in exchanging Valentines at school. A few kids in the class have dietary issues, and eat very little, if any, candy so I started feeling bad that they might not be able to enjoy a treat from Jo! So, I scanned Pinterest and saw some really cute ways to incorporate Valentines with fruit, or school supplies…and thought of something that I thought was pretty darn adorable! What kid doesn’t like a cutie?? You know those little oranges that are easy for kids to peel?? Actually they come in HUGE bags for under $5.00 and I have a bag right now that we will never finish! So here’s what I did!



The kiddos are learning to recognize their letters and numbers right now, and how to spell each other’s names…so this will be a perfect little surprise that they’ll get a kick out of, AND their parents may appreciate a little nutritious treat alongside all that candy! I’m gonna go write on the rest of the cuties now just to put in the bowl at home…I can’t WAIT to do V-day crafts with Lady J this week!

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