Decompress & De-stress!

A couple of nights ago, my hubby tried a detox bath and he was blown away by the results. So, last night I decided to give it a try (after making sure it was completely safe for baby of course!) and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! This is what we used…

1-2 cups Epsom Salt

1-2 cups Baking Soda

1/2 c. ground or fresh grated Ginger

A few drops of essential oils (if desired. I liked the way the ginger smelled so I didn’t…but peppermint or lavender would be good relaxing scents to add!)


The Epsom Salt is high in magnesium and soaking in it can give you a boost! Overall we are Magnesium deficient due to changes in our diets over time, and studies show that the acid in your stomach makes it difficult for Magnesium to be absorbed through the digestive tract by using supplements. However, the skin can absorb it beautifully! Magnesium deficiency has been known to lead to heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, digestive issues and much more! ( Not only is it good for your insides, but its good for your outsides too! It can improve the appearance and moisture in your skin.

Baking soda is known to soothe irritated skin, so adding it to your bath water can help to improve the overall health of your skin. It also helps to remove the chlorine and other toxins from your tap water. If you’re trying to take a detox bath, and you’re soaking in water with a bunch of added chemicals…well…that kinda kills the point! So Baking Soda cleans the water and helps to detoxify your body.

Ginger is known to cause sweating. Sweating is the most effective way to remove toxins from your body. Some report that adding Ginger to their bath induces buckets of sweat dripping from their faces! Soaking in a Ginger Bath has even helped people to cure colds! This stuff is like magic!

I LOVED my detox bath. I’ll be honest, I had expected to really sweat my brains out and that didn’t happen, however I did feel very relaxed and rejuvenated. When I got out I could feel my tense muscles release. (I Jazzercise almost every morning and my calves were killing me!) My skin feels softer, my body does feel cleaner and I woke up this morning actually awake and ready for the day. I generally am not a morning person, and I’m one of those “Coffee before talky” people…this morning I was just ready to go! BEFORE coffee! (I’m still drinking it though…I just LOVE that morning cup of joe!


Give this little bath stew a try! If nothing else, you know what you’re adding is safe and clean…and your water will be more trust worthy to soak in!

Things worth noting:

You should soak between 20 to 40 minutes, AND don’t detox more than 3 times a week.

PS. If your interested in purchasing some essential oils (which are amazing for all kinds of stuff!!), or are interested in detoxifying your beauty routine take a look at my online store! I sell Neal’s Yard Remedy products which are kind of all the rage in Europe (teehee!) and they’re well known for their safe and ethical products. Just click here!



9 thoughts on “Decompress & De-stress!

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I too am a big fan of the magical powers of magnesium, so I love to take long, relaxing epsom salt baths. I have found that by adding a larger amount of epsom salt to my hot bath water, it stimulated a great deal of post-bath sweating which I enjoyed. I have also used this type of bath to sweat and detox when I feel a cold coming on. I love the addition of ginger to your bath. I also like to sip hot ginger tea to induce sweating.Thank you so much for sharing this helpful, healthy post on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!
    All the best, Deborah

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