This week’s happenings and Photo Project 52.

As usual, it’s been another crazy week in the Varn house. Fortunately, we have no more sick children, and the weather has warmed up, so we’ve been able to play outside a whole bunch! Jocelyn is taking Gymnastics now, and she seriously loves it! Only scary part is, she’s getting braver by the day and is climbing all over things like a little monkey! I’m bracing myself for broken bones…let’s just hope that DOESN’T happen!

I’m totally late on week 5 photos, so today you get two weeks worth! Yay! Here they are…I’m even throwing one of me in there for good measure! You can see how HUGE i’m getting! lol




Day to day, I tend to forget to get my good camera out…I’m usually snapping pictures with my IPhone…so this week I have some goals to accomplish. One of them being to bring my camera with us so I can get some REAL good photos of our outings and shenanigans.

Also, over the last few weeks, we’ve fallen off our home cooked meal train. Money and bills have had their way with us this month, and it’s been CRAZY!! So back to the menu planning I go. It really does help to keep you on budget and your tummies under control! Here are a few new recipes I plan to try this week. Cross your fingers that they all work out well!

Also, this week…I FINALLY got my Neal’s Yard Remedies products in the mail! I’m so STOKED! They smell SO wonderful and are SO soothing to this preggo lady’s body! I’m wearing a roll on scent right now that promotes energy (made from essential oils and goodness!), and I LOVE it! I’ve been sharing lots of samples with friends and their super excited too! Unfortunately, MANY of my family members (all the ones that I can remember) have had issues with cancer. Many have passed, and even I have dealt with a lypoma that grows on the back of my neck and I have, had to have it removed TWICE! I’m starting to really think our government needs to get ahold of these chemical regulations and start giving us clean and pure products that we can count on! Next week, I’ll host a giveaway…and 5 people could win some amazing samples! You can give them a try and see what all the fuss is about!


Anyway, this lady needs to hit the Jazzercise floor now…so I hope y’all have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in on my crazy all over the place life!

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