Photo Project 52 and Mouse Hunting.

Hello All!

We definitely have had an eventful weekend! I write today from my MIL’s kitchen table. We’ve stayed here the last 4 days to get away from a possible mouse raid at our house. It’s been crazy. Over the last year, we have killed HUNDREDS of mice in our home…our neighborhood is dealing with an infestation. The origination of these mice is some what of a debate, some say it’s gotten bad ever since the wildfire we had in 2011, some say it’s always been like this. All I know is that when this new baby comes we will have a NO MICE ALLOWED sign hanging on our front door!

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not joking that we’ve killed hundreds either, I should have kept a tally going just so I could prove it. I’ve gotten pretty darn good at whack-a-mole though and my family calls me the official mouse killer. Just give me a frying pan and they are good as toast!

Anyway, Friday morning I loaded the dishwasher and turned around to make lunch. My son starts whining behind me and I see water pouring out from under the dishwasher, along with massive amounts of mouse poop. I pulled the dishwasher out thinking “those little sh*** chewed throughout the water hose”. Found this instead…


(that’s the sump intake, and they chewed a hole through it!!) and a cozy little home they made for themselves. Only found one very small dead mouse under there, but I have HAD it! We packed up the kids, took them to Mimzy’s (luckily she lives around the corner!) and the Hubby and I had a nice little date night…we set poison out all over the house, put peppermint essential oil soaked cotton balls EVERYWHERE and after this frost hits, I’ll be planting peppermint all around our garden. Apparently, mice don’t like the smell of peppermint…it’s too strong for them and they will stay away. We even put a bunch up in the attic in our insulation, for fear that they were hibernating up there!


Now, we’ve been back to the house a few times and haven’t seen any evidence of dead mice…and I actually know the source of our problem…its THE CAT! She likes to bring them in, ALIVE and set them free. She rarely ever eats them (like my other cats did), but after the literal infestation we had over the summer (mice making babies in the kids little pop up tents…) I don’t want to take any chances! Hopefully the sheer smell of peppermint will just keep them away! Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to lock our cat in or out at night to deter her from bringing them in as well. I’ll let you know how it all works out! Hopefully this peppermint trick is the cure all, I really don’t mind the freshness when I walk in the door! It’s supposed to keep rodents away too, like skunks and raccoons.

Anyway, other than the mouse hunting we had a pretty awesome weekend! We got to go to a birthday party, and the family’s home that we visited was AMAZING! The had a gorgeous house built on a big plot of family land. Their home was high up on a hill and overlooked all these gorgeous trees. They had a really cool garden, and bunnies…the kids had a blast! They got their faces painted, and I tell you my heart sinks looking at these pictures…’specially Jocelyn’s, she’s just growing up SO darn fast! Now for some pretty photos to look at…



And here’s a special little treat for you…Ms. J has become quite the little picture taker! I’m loving this one I found on my phone of her little brother!


Well, I hope y’all have a great week…and hopefully I’ll have some fun DIY recipes, and activities to post later in the week!

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