Spring Break 2014: Shamrock Spelling Game

Hey Guys! So, it’s Spring Break at my house…and that means Spring Cleaning and bored kids! Yet again, the kiddos were sick last week. They had earaches and fevers. We ended up taking Jo to the Urgent Care and they gave her some meds, so she’s been feeling better…but she’s been cooped up in the house for days, and I can’t let her out too much until she is 100% better. Since St. Patty’s Day is next week, I’ve been trying to engage her in some festive activities to keep her busy, and the one we did today she REALLY had fun with!

A few months ago I found this:

…and Jocelyn LOVES it! The magnets were $20 (for a set of 100), and the cookie pan you can get for $2. (I bought a new one, all of mine are pretty dingy!) And I can give her something (other than the iPad…) to keep her busy, that I don’t have to feel guilty about!

Anyway, today I made up some print outs with St. Patty’s Day words…she had a real blast with it! Yesterday we worked on some wall art together for the Holiday, so the anticipation is building up for her a bit! It’s so much fun to get into the season with your little one!


I found that one word at a time was much easier for her to focus on. She’s been doing really well in pre-school, and I went through each of the letters and words with her. I was really excited about her letter recognition! She’s getting smarter everyday!

If you’d like to download the pages to use you can here:

St. Pat’s Spelling

Sample Page:


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