Spring Photos (Photo Project 52).

So I’ve been lagging on the picture project…I envy those of you that can actually keep up with these things, especially you 365 people! I swear I feel like my kids are NEVER sick, and then all of a sudden we get hit with a wave of viruses that take us down like typhoid! Two weeks ago they had ear aches and fevers, this week they had the stomach flu. (Well, Ms. J and the hubby did!) Luckily Jeffrey and I have remained untouched, but KNOCK ON WOOD! I can’t imagine being 32 weeks preggo and coming down with the stomach flu! No joke, throwing up is the worst feeling EVER!

Anywho, I did finally get the kids outside for some spring time shots a couple of days ago and it reminded me that I need to refresh the photos hanging in my house! I haven’t framed any new ones in over a YEAR!







Hope you like these, I think they came out pretty cute myself! I’m off now, to refresh our photo wall, Spring always inspires me to update the house a bit!


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