Multi-functional Burlap Holiday Wreath.


I’d LOVE to decorate for every Holiday, but unfortunately I don’t have enough space to store all the massive amounts of boxes it would require, to store those decorations! So, I got to thinking last week and found a really fun way to have 1 decoration that could be used for EVERY Holiday. Since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to start with a Spring/Easter Wreath. I saw these super easy burlap wreath DIY’s all over Pinterest, and decided to use that as the neutral background that could be used with any type of embellishment.

Here’s what I used:

1 Medium Straw Wreath


Easter Eggs

Artificial Flowers


Command Strips

Hot Glue Gun



First, I hot glued one edge of the burlap to the wreath and wrapped the entire wreath twice. I then trimmed the burlap, and secured the end with more hot glue.



Next, I arranged my flowers and eggs together the way I wanted, using dabs of hot glue to make them stick.


Then, I stuck a piece of felt to the back. When deciding how much felt to use, I just tried to get a piece that wouldn’t show but would be substantial enough to hold the flower arrangement.


Next, I stuck the command strips to the felt just using the sticky back of the strip.


I peeled off the other side and stuck it onto my burlap wrapped wreath. Once the placement was decided on both the felt and wreath, I reinforced the strips with hot glue.


Once the glue is dry you can secure your flower arrangement to the wreath using the command strips. You do need to push down slightly for it to secure properly, and when removing…be sure to peel away at the “velcro” slowly…otherwise it will just rip right off of the burlap.


I’m pretty pleased with the finished product, and just imagine all of the different embellishments I can make!! I can’t WAIT to make a new one each Holiday. I can even make new ones EVERY YEAR and still be able to store this with minimal space. I’m thrilled!

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