Fit Bit Friday: I did it!

Welcome to my Fit Bit Friday post! I decided to start this weekly health challenge for my readers and I feel like Friday is the PERFECT day to start planning for the next week. There is always some kind of prep work involved when getting ready to make any type of change whether it’s grocery shopping, or laundry, or even if you just need a couple of days to psych yourself up for the change…it’s always best to start a challenge with an open heart and open mind.

To start, let me give you a little background on a recent challenge of my own that I am SO proud of overcoming!

I officially did it! As of July 26th I am a certified Jazzercise Instructor, and I must say…it feels REALLY good! As we pranced our little butts up on stage to “Mony, Mony” to receive our Instructor t-shirts, I remembered back when I first really started going to Jazzercise religiously and thinking “I could NEVER have the B**LS to get up on that stage and show people how to shake their behinds!” Well, I’m doing it, and I’m LOVING it.

Physical activity is SO important for your health…and not just your physical health, but ALL areas of health and wellness. Jazzercise has changed my life in SO many ways, and I’m thrilled to share that with others! I love being an Instructor, because it challenges me in all of these areas everyday, and I feel as though I have made a long term investment in my own health and wellness.

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Anyway, this next week I want to challenge all of you to get up and out of the house and engage in a physical activity that YOU love. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try Karate or learning how to twirl around on silks! Maybe you’ve always wanted to try that JAZZERCISE class (wink, wink) or maybe you really enjoy running…whatever it is, get out and do it at least three times (one hour each) this week! Surely, we can all promise to give ourselves three hours out of 168.

What will you get out and do this week, and what challenges will you have to overcome in order to accomplish this? Share with us in the comments below!

PS I’ll announce the giveaway winner today on my Facebook page, so make sure you like me! The link is at the upper right of this webpage. Talk to y’all soon!!

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