Mom Chat Monday: Breastfeeding. (Warning harsh language follows)

As I begin writing this post I question my sanity for even taking on such a hot topic in the first place, I surely hope I’m not begging for a fight here but…


I never understood why ladies who breastfeed get so hot under the collar about this topic, until I became a breastfeeder myself. NOW I see things that have happened to Mamas on youtube or read incredibly despicable comments online and it makes my blood effing BOIL! LOOK AT THIS!!!


Photo courtesy of: Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Facebook.

Why do complete strangers get to have ANY opinion about how I CHOOSE to nourish MY children?!?! I will say that I don’t feed all full exposed boob, but sometimes I wear a cover and sometimes I don’t. It depends a lot on what I’m wearing and that’s because it is MY choice and has to do with MY comfort level and NO ONE else’s. PERIOD. It makes me SICK to see people attack Mommies online (hiding behind a computer mind you) all because a baby needs to eat.

I have three children. The first is 5, the second is 3, and the third is almost 3 months old. My 3 month old eats about every two hours during the day, sometimes every hour…and she does not take a bottle easily. Sometimes she just wants to sleep but can’t settle down enough to fall asleep, and she doesn’t take a pacifier. So let me ask you, am I supposed to keep my other two children from having a life the summer before my oldest goes to school JUST because YOU people can’t LOOK THE OTHER FREAKIN’ DIRECTION?!?!?! AND IF SOMEONE SAYS I COULD SEND THEM OUT WITH A BABY SITTER OR FRIENDS I’M GONNA LOSE IT! (So now I’m supposed to miss out on my kid’s lives? And um…we can’t afford a sitter, I’m not working right now due to the fact that umm…I just had an effing baby!)


Hey, people who have a problem with me breastfeeding…guess what?!?! I don’t give a F*CK! YAH…I said it…I DGAF! Remember what that means? If not, I just spelled it out for you! Go pull your heads out and mind your own god damned business.


Now I understand why some choose to stand in or to bring attention to this topic, we need to band together and stand up for each other because it’s just disgusting.

That is all, my rant is over. Thanks for reading! Oh, and feel free to rant with me below!

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2 thoughts on “Mom Chat Monday: Breastfeeding. (Warning harsh language follows)

  1. Well written. I agree with you 100%. I nursed all four of my babies and actually (ahem) am still nursing my 14 month old while preggo with our 5th! And NO I will not coed after I have our fifth. LOL ~

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