Top 25 Advents on Pinterest

I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE everything about Christmas! I love Elf on the Shelf, I love visits with Santa, and I LOVE anything that gets that little glimmer a glowin’ in those little one’s eyes in those days leading up to Christmas. Last night I was browsing Pinterest and since I’ve already committed to a boring old store bought Advent Calendar this year, I thought I would get my fix by pulling together some of my FAVES for all of you!

So here you go…and YOU’RE welcome. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

1. Santa’s Beard CUTdown!

2. Santa’s Beard Fill In.

3. Ornament Advent

4. The Advent Christmas Tree

5. Scripture Advent Calendar

6. Advent in a Cupcake Pan

7. A Joke a Day Advent (In the Lunchbox!!)

8. Advent Activity Jar

9. Super Easy Budget Friendly Refrigerator Advent

10. Up-Cycle Paper Towel Roll Advent Calendar

11. Marriage Scripture Advent Calendar

12. Adorable Christmas Tree Advent (Sew Pattern)

13. The Advent Cake

14. Up-Cycled Record Album Advent

15. Clothes Pin Advent 1

16. Clothes Pin Advent 2

17. Clothes Pin Advent 3

18. Up-Cycled Baby Food Jar Advent

19. 25 Days of Baby’s First Christmas Advent

20. Let’s Get Toasty Advent!

21. Free Printable Advent Calendars

22. Paper Stocking Advent Calendar

23. Coffee Cup Advent Calendar

24. Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

25. Up-Cycled Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar


Lots of fun DIYs to get the kiddos excited about Xmas! Even a few special ones for the adults. What are your family’s favorite ways to countdown till Xmas? Tell me in the comments below!

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