The best gift I ever got.

I swear to y’all the best gift I’ve ever been given is my DSLR camera. It’s taught me so much about photography, it’s easy to use, and I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars whenever I want frame worthy pictures. So if you need an idea to give to the hubby this is a great one! (Seriously!) And the cameras last forever if you protect them. I mean it’s always fun to upgrade, but quality photos have much more to do with how you take the photo rather than the camera. I took my kiddos holiday portraits yesterday afternoon, and they came out SO CUTE! I’m SO happy! Can’t share the card yet, because I’d like to keep that a surprise for those getting them as gifts and such, but here are some shots I nabbed.








I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do! The last one just describes our house perfectly right now, a little wild a crazy and far from perfect.

Merry Christmas!


Photo Project week 3/52

We don’t get a lot of snow in Texas…so when my daughter heard of snow last night, she could barely sleep from all the excitement! The first thing she said this morning was “Did it snow?!?!?!” Well…it did…BARELY and by the time we got outside it was more ice then snow so she was a little bummed she couldn’t really play in it. However…it made for a cute photo!

Snowday 2014


I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a LOT about Elsa (from Frozen) today! Happy Friday!

Christmas Pictures : How to Bokeh

So I’ve been way out of the loop this week. Busy with Christmas as I’m sure we all have! I’ve been wrapping, stuffing, baking, cooking, cleaning, sorting presents, and the list continues! So today, I thought I would share with … Continue reading