Tips and Tricks of a WAHM

1. Create a schedule for yourself, and then stick to it! Nothing can get more stressful than when you feel like you have too much on your plate, and as a work at home Mom I can say I feel that way every day! Keeping on a schedule is VERY important for me to accomplish all that I need to throughout the day.

2. Use your time wisely! If there is work that you need to get done, and you can’t afford distractions, save it for nap time or for when the kids are in bed. it becomes hard to start and restart a project that needs your undivided attention, and your children will most definitely interrupt you if they can!

3. Make time for yourself. Just being a Mom makes it hard enough to take time away…but it’s SUPER important to take care of yourself or you won’t be successful at taking care of others or your responsibilities.

4. Enlist help! Let your kiddos go to friends houses after school, get in with a carpool, hire a baby sitter (if you can). You more than likely have a great network around you that you may not even be aware of, reach out and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

5. Don’t forget that you’re a Work at Home MOM, and that it’s still very important to allot special time with your children and to do something fun! Even if that means you run to the park on a lunch break, or you use a vacation day to take them to the zoo, it’ll be SO worth it.

6. Keep Calm and Carry On. Don’t kill yourself if you can’t finish EVERYTHING in one day. Sometimes you have to put a project down halfway through and move onto something else. (Like cooking dinner!) It will be there tomorrow, and everything will be ok! Set your boundaries, and make sure that your family knows when its work time, and that your coworkers know when it’s family time! (This is where the schedule is MOST important.)

That’s pretty much it! These things may sound like no brainers but trust me…I have to remind myself of these things everyday. If you can exercise a little bit of control in these areas, you’ll be surprised at how much you can do in one day!

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